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The German system kitchen manufacturer SieMatic was established in 1929 as a furniture studio making wooden furniture. The company started manufacturing system kitchens in 1960, which helped expand the brand into 60 countries around the world. The reason behind this success is SieMatic’s refined design and great variety in their products. In recent years, the mainstream trend of kitchen plans is to integrate the kitchen with the dining room and living room. This results in the kitchen planning affecting the entire impression of a home. Taking this into consideration, SieMatic created the concept of “timeless elegance”. Based on this concept, three systems were created: the minimalist “PURE,” the “CLASSIC”, and the “URBAN,” which utilizes furniture that blends with the interior.
Many SieMatic users have great trust in the brand’s perfectionism in quality and functionality, which originates from their beginnings as a furniture manufacturer. The beautiful details of the products can only be achieved by the brand’s technology, which is based on woodworking, their forte, and includes techniques like binding and cutting face bars. In addition, by utilizing their original bottle racks and cutlery trays, SieMatic expanded both beauty and storage volume on the inside. Also, by developing an original hinge and rails, they were able to achieve ease of use with their products.


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