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N Residence

The N residence stands in Nara prefecture and is a two-story, above ground wooden home where the owner and his wife live. The home was built as a store/home so that the couple can start a café in the future. Architect Seiji Fujihara, who designed the home, planned a long, narrow row house that stretches from north to south, with 4m of frontage and a depth of 24m. There is a café area at the north side of the first floor, facing the front road. Next to it is the living room at the south side, with a sofa. Further to the south is a Japanese room. Private rooms such as the kitchen and the bedrooms are situated on the second floor. Fujihara suggested two small courtyards, designed as if they routed out sections of the row house. Fujihara suggested this since it was difficult to have wide openings stretching east to west due to the neighboring buildings close by. The large openings at the south and north side of the café and living room space face the courtyards and guide light into the rooms. In addition, the walls of the courtyard and interiors are finished with the same material, making the courtyards feel as if they are a part of the rooms; this provides an expansive feeling to the home.


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