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I Residence

Being fond of plaster finished walls, the “I” couple decided to purchase a condominium unit in the Minato ward, of Tokyo, 15 years ago. The couple decided to renovate the home when their children left home. Their wish was to own a lounge, in addition to the living room, and to revive the plaster finish walls. Chiyo Mita, and Iriya Mita of ICID, took charge of the interior design. They created an expansive space by renovating one of the children’s rooms into a living room and reforming the closed kitchen into an open one. The former living room was made into a lounge. The living room where the family spends time was kept light and airy, but, the lounge for the guests has an established atmosphere.
One of the highlights of the I residence are the plaster-finished walls by Naoki Kusumi, a plasterer. Despite keeping the basic color throughout the home light grey, the owners chose one wall of each of the rooms to be a contrasting color, to make each room unique. The plaster-finished walls are further enhanced by the lighting, which was designed by lighting designer, Chiaki Murazumi. Orange was selected for a section of the dining room wall, matching the magnolia art. Indirect lighting from above shines not only on the art but also on the plaster wall. The I residence became a truly unique home with the combination of plaster-finished walls of different colors and textures, and antique lamps and furniture.


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