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I Residence

The I residence is a sturdy home built with reinforced concrete. Upon building a newly detached house, the owner wished to decorate the home with art. Architect Satoshi Kurosaki planned a single-story house that surrounds the courtyard in a U shape. The entrance, living and dining room and kitchen were planned at the north side of the courtyard, the bedroom at the west, and guest room at the east. The side of each room that faces the courtyard was walled entirely with large openings. With these openings, one can enjoy the variety of art displayed in each room.
The illumination planning was done by lighting designer Hirohito Totsune. For the living room and dining room, he positioned spotlights, using floor lamps, and made sure to minimize any light reflecting against the large openings by reducing any light at eye level. In contrast, he deliberately lit the ceilings bright, so that it reflects against the openings, and makes the ceiling appear to stretch past the glass windows, giving depth to the space.
The art displayed in the rooms exists as "objects to spend time together with" rather than "objects to be appreciated". To respect this, instead of havnig light shine directly on to the art like in a museum, Totsune lit the art with indirect light and reflections of spot lights. He created a space where one can feel the art in the soft lighting. He paid special attention to the quality of the light as well. All the lighting is LED, although, the down lights used in the living room and dining room are ‘SORAA’, an LED bulb which has high color rendering properties.


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