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H Residence

The H residence in Zushi city, Kanagawa prefecture, is a weekend home that stands on a high point with a view of the port beneath the slope at its south side. Takenori Miura, the architect in charge of the design envisioned the building to be like a large vessel enveloping one’s life in relaxation. Miura came up with a plan of three adjacent buildings that slide toward the left and right against each other along the slope of the land. The buildings are connected sequentially by stairs. By designing an exterior space between each building made of wood, a loose connection between the inside and out was created, and gives the building depth. Inside the entrance of the first building is the dining room and kitchen. As one goes further up the stairs into the second building, there is a living room on the first floor and a bathroom on the second floor. The third building consists of a guest room on the first floor and the main bedroom on the second floor. Miura designed the home with rich variation so that one can enjoy different views depending on which space one is in.
Items in the interior add character to this placid home. The owner, having a profound knowledge of furniture, had been coordinating the furniture arrangements since the planning stage. He paid special attention to the lighting. The owner wanted the home to have faint lighting with a relaxed atmosphere. Taking this request into consideration, lighting designer Aki Hayakawa kept a certain level of illumination throughout the home with light controlled down lights, and the addition of pendant lights and floor lights that were already part of the owner’s collection, to provide lighting where people sit or gather. During the day when sun shines through the large openings of the H residence, these lighting fixtures add variety as decorative objects.


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