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DURAVIT is a German bathroom and sanitary equipment manufacturer that has currently expanded to 130 countries. The company first established itself as a ceramic ware manufacturer in 1817. The greatest appeal of the brand is its ability to design bathrooms. The brand proposes having the interior of a bathroom be just like a private room, by producing a variety of products. The bathroom is a space one spends a certain amount of time in every day. That is why the products are required to be timeless and universal. Taking these requirements into consideration, the DURAVIT product selection is rich in variety while they continue to manufacture nuetral, high quality products. The brand gained considerable attention since 1994, when Philippe Starck took charge of the company’s design, pursuing simplicity that was achieved by eliminating the unnecesasary. Crafstmen make Starck’s design into products. The ceramics made by these craftsman, from carefully selected raw materials, have simple, elegant curves that blend well into the space. In 2017, the brand released products that mixed Scandinavian stlye with modern design, by collaborating with Danish designer Cecile Manz. One expects DURAVIT to conitune challenging new possibilities as a pioneer manufactuere of bathroom interiors.


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