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Yoshino Residence

The Yoshino residence is located in a fifteen-story above-ground apartment that stands in Otsu city, Shiga Prefecture. The owner couple lives here with their elder daughter and two cats. The home was renovated by architect Sumiou Mizumoto. Mizumoto made the home skeleton by removing the existing partitions and designed the home so that light shines throughout the entire space. Connecting the living room, dining room, and kitchen into a single space allowed Mizumoto to keep the partitions minimal without having to move the positions of the existing wet areas, such as, the toilet, bath, and kitchen.
The owners requested a home that would change with them over the years. With this request, Mizumoto gave the interior a natural atmosphere, and used wood for the basic finishing materials of the interior and furniture. He then added further expression to the space by combining iron, tiles and mortar materials.
He placed custom-made storage that also functions as a walking path for the cats along the wall of the living room and around the kitchen. The storage is made with oak and blends well with the space. The shelves are posisitoned at eyelevel so that one can make eye contact with the cats. He made holes in the shelf boards so the flow path for the cats runs vertically. Mizumoto also separated the storage space and the path of the cats by attaching doors or simply exculding a section from the cat's flow path, so that the owner can store items that need to be out of the cats' reach. By doing so, he created furniture that can be used both by humans and cats, without putting stress on either.


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