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S Residence

The S residence is located on the outskirts of Tokyo in a commuter town surrounded by rural landscape. The owner couple decided to purchase the land because they liked the scenery of the vast rice and vegetable fields. They requested that Katsutoshi and Noriko Naoi design their home. The owner couple wished to admire the greenery from their living room. In addition, they requested a home where they can live comfortably with cats and dogs. The land is a flag-shape; neighboring homes are close by to the north and east, and the rice and vegetable fields spread toward the south and west. Naoi designed an open ceiling living room and dining room on the first floor of the southwest side of the land where one's view opens out toward the scenery. The kitchen, bathroom and Japanese-style room are located on the east side of the first floor, and the main bedroom, library, study area and sitting room are on the second floor.
The highlight of this home is the living room and dining room with its view that stretches towards the rural landscape. Once the openings planned at the corner of the room are opened, the space unites with the deck terrace and the garden outside. The garden was designed by landscape gardener, Mitsuhiro Naoi. Trees of various heights were planted along the moat, with flowers and fruits of each season, creating a garden with abundant variety.
The shelf at the west side wall stands out within the monotone interior. The shelf extends toward the cat walkway across the upper part of the large opening. The top part of the shelf ascends from the first floor, functioning as stairs for the cats, and allowing them to ascend and descend freely along the walkway, which reaches the library at the second floor. Taking into consideration that the owner plans to have a pet dog in future, the first layer of the shelf has double the height compared to the rest, to avoid the dogs climbing on it.


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