2012年05月18日 18:24

Kitchen & Elements / Awatsuji residence

A beautiful grey and white contrast building stands in a quiet residential area. This is the house of Misa Awatsuji, who is the art director of our magazine. The architect Tadao Takaichi created a robust building by making the ground floor and the staircase in RC structure. An open space was created by connecting the terrace to the LDK. What Misa considered most important was the kitchen. She wanted to create a inorganic kitchen that blended with the spaces in view of the kitchen, and a kitchen that showcases her tableware collection. She wanted her kitchen to be of high quality and beautiful and chose Amstyle to create it. The director of Amstyle Mr. Shimizu planned a wide kitchen that stretches horizontally to emphasize the thick beam and 3.3m concrete wall. A unique kitchen where the tabletop can be placed into the cabinet (by moving it 300mm) and where both of the materials stand out was created. The hood was originally made to hide in the cabinet, and the refrigerator was placed in the pantry positioned in the west side of the island kitchen, creating a kitchen that blends into the space by totally hiding its functions.


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