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GARDEN FEEL / K residence

The K residence stands in the quiet residential area close to the Shonan beach in Kanagawa. The architect Kenichi Yokobori and Tomoko Komata presented a 2-story wooden house where all the rooms open toward the south, surrounding the courtyard, and utilizing the spacious land. On the first floor, a 23sq.m giant kitchen was placed on the north side of the courtyard, a dining room toward the east and the bathrooms and utility further back. Taking visiting guests into consideration, the living room and dining room were planned separately, placing them on the south side facing the inner terrace. The walnut flooring, staid original furniture, leather sofa and rug, and coordinated dining pendant created a chic and sophisticated interior. In addition, gardens of different styles surround the building. The front garden is very unique and uses coral sand and sandstone, like the ocean. The trees selected are ones that are strong enough to withstand the sea breeze and dehydration. The main feature of the inner terrace in front of the living room is the outdoor Jacuzzi. Because there are houses on the east and south sides, the terrace is surrounded by walls with big openings, to maintain privacy. Rather than making one big garden to fill the remaining area of land, the architects successfully created different types of gardens around the house, which also creates different views from inside.



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