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Close-up / Amstyle kitchen

Order kitchen manufacturer Amstyle was founded in Daikanyama, Tokyo in 1999. What garnered attention was the low gravity point balance where a solid thin stainless countertop is placed on top of a cabinet. The thickness of the countertop can be changed depending on the interior space and the side panel design. Recently, thicker countertop designs that raise the gravity point is increasing. The drawer height is also larger on the top and smaller on the bottom. Because the design is simple and minimal, the total volume proportion, the drawer size and the material finish are very important. In most cases, kitchen sizing is based on the size of the equipment (450mm or 600mm), but there is no standard sizing at Amstyle. One of their policies is the prime number sizing. 17, 19, 31… Amstyle uses numbers in their drawings that most designers avoid, such as numbers that cannot be divided. The beauty of random sizing is what makes Amstyle different from others. Also, attention is paid to details such as countertop material, sink corners, and drawer edges. The philosophy of keeping the highest quality is what all Amstyle kitchen express.


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