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Close upは、Textile Designer「NEISHA CROSLAND」

British textile designer Neisha Crosland studied graphic design at the Camberwell School of Art. While she was studying there, she was inspired by textiles created in the 15th and 16th centuries ottoman textiles which are on display at the Victoria & Albert Museum and decided to become a textile designer. In 1994, Neisha launched her own label, "Neisha Crosland," and handles the designs of interior fabric and walllcoverings.
Neisha's sources for her ideas are varied, much like the art that she saw at the exhibitions. She gets inspiration from antiques presented at auctions, vintage dresses, relief of her own furniture at home, etc. Moreover, she respects the things that influenced her, so her works have a nostalgic feel to them.
To her, the action of "repeat" is important. By repeating, her works get more colors and sometimes the work drastically changes. It is just like music- even a simple motif can change the whole thing depending on the combination.
Once Neisha decides on the design, she selects suitable colors and materials. In the case of fabrics, different kinds of fabrics like prints, weaves, silk, wool, etc. are ordered from various factories. Trial productions are repeated at factories according to her requests. Neisha puts an importance on communicating with craftsmen with knowledge and skills, and control every process of manufacturing. Neisha Crosland's fabric and wallcoverings are produced in 15 factories in the territory of Europe. At present, Neisha's fabrics are exported in 15 countries like America, France, Australia etc.


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